Tangent Softworks Co., Ltd. is an award-winning Taiwanese software design startup company founded in 2013. It delivered a range of products including system components, software applications and design consultations, which focused on imaging solutions including video content analysis, internet video streaming, surveillance video warehousing and Internet-Of-Thing device communications. Resulting products were deployed for city surveillance in public sector as well as corporate channels.

In 2015, a new venture arose and most of existing assets at the time were then transferred to Arisan Inc. for further development on similar area of expertise. All new research and development on aforementioned focuses are now being carried out over at Arisan Inc., however, Tangent Softworks now still offers design consultations and supports existing clients.

Until new area of concerns precipitates into solid product, this minimal website houses technical support information and contains various research and development findings articles written by David, the company’s CEO, in forms of blog articles. Anyone interested in speaking to us about video solutions, please feel free to also reach out to Arisan Inc. for they most certainly have great solutions for your needs.

For any further information, feel free to contact David at david [dot] tang [at] tangentsoftworks [dot] com.